Recent Calls
Mon. Apr 6th 2020
Monday April 6, 2020 the Neshanic Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched with the Hillsborough fire district for a brush fire behind Ann Van Middlesworth Park. Brush 48 and Tanker 48 responded to assis...
Tue. Jan 14th 2020
Crews from Station 48 spent a majority of last night and the early hours of this morning on a mutual aid assignment in Bound Brook on a multi-alarm structure fire. Brush 48 was requested to assist in ...
Thu. Jun 27th 2019
On the afternoon of June 27, Station 48 was dispatched to Fairview Drive for the overturned motor vehicle. Upon arrival crews found a minivan on its roof and preceded to set up a safety perimeter unti...
Sun. Aug 20th 2017
Stations 48 and 32 were dispatched to Highway 202 in the area of Whiton Road for the MVA. Crews on scene worked quickly to secure power to the vehicle and control leaking fluids. Crews awaited the arr...
Thu. Jul 20th 2017
Neshanic Vol Fire Co and the Hillsborough Fire District were dispatched for the chimney fire. On scene Deputy 37 advised of a working fire in the chimney with possible extension into the structure. Th...
News Headlines
Mon. May 25th 2020
Although this year was not the typical "Norman Rockwell Painting" that Assemblyman Pete Biondi so fondly spoke about for years, the Neshanic Volunteer Fire Company still managed to give the ...
Wed. May 20th 2020
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the usual Memorial Day parade and ceremony cannot take place. Instead, we will host a procession of emergency vehicles from Branchburg, Hillsborough, Montgomery, and Thre...
Mon. May 4th 2020
The Ladies auxiliary of the Neshanic Volunteer Fire company provided dinner for the nurses of the night shift at Hunterdon Medical Center on Friday May 1st to thank them for their hard work during thi...
Sat. Apr 11th 2020
Today April 11th the Neshanic Volunteer Fire Company was proud to drive the Easter Bunny around our response area to see all the children of every age. The Easter Bunny was happy to see everyone who c...
Thu. Apr 9th 2020
With the current pandemic situation, celebrating your birthday can be quite difficult. We were more that happy to make a trip and help Marley celebrate! We hope you enjoyed your Birthday Marley.
New Equipment Training
Tue. Feb 18th 2020

Tonight NVFC worked on getting a new piece of equipment in service, and familiarized with.

The Akron Mercury Quick Attack ground monitor is capable of delivering 500 Gallons per minute of water while being unmanned, oscillate the stream, and be quickly deployed.

Such equipment finds use in scenarios where the engine company may arrive on scene and find a large building, or large fire load, and deem it necessary to apply "fast, big water." Master stream devices, also including equipment like a engine mounted deck gun, allow for high volumes of water to be flowed on the initial fire attack. It may be used on commercial structures, like a factory, or even a barn or residence. It might also be used to protect an exposure to a main fire to keep it cool, and from igniting, or on a storage vessel.

Unfortunately, it is also evident that staffing an apparatus is becoming ever more so difficult in the volunteer setting. Devices like this allow for more efficient fire attacks when the staffing is low, and multiple tasks need to be completed simultaneously.

30 entries in the News

30 entries in the News

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